Thinking of twitter, Facebook, snapchat, and other social media platforms, YouTube has gained its popularity not only in sharing music and ones thoughts in recorded videos but also in learning. You tube has not only made it through to the top since its first advertisement rolled out in 2007 august, but has kept a quite impressive record of high popularity since 2010 may, when it recorded around two billion views a day until today whereYouTube platform has managed to get around 1.9 billion monthly users logged on.

It can be argued that YouTubehas now been used and linked to other network such as tumblr and is now becoming the most powerful tool to reach out various talents around the world. One can use tumblr to include YouTube videoson the website and they can be used to learn many things in regard to one’s talent and help improve one’s talent through the blogs posted and the shared videos. This is so today because there are a thousands of people outside there who share similar talents, and have gone to an extra mile to share what they have with others through YouTube, tumbler, vimeo and other useful networks. YouTube has created a platform where people who are experts on one area or the other has helped others outside there who are in dire need to perfect what they aim to do or are already doing. For example, an athlete can meet other athletes who have gained more experience on the field and can share the does and the don’ts helping the other one prepare and perfect there way of going about it. It is indeed taking the lead in learning.

Today, many people have gained knowledge on computer and internet use. This has helped quite a number of people to create and maintain profiles on facebook, YouTube, and other platforms used available in the market today

Parents are now using social media to help their children study. With advancement in technology today, education has also not been left behind. It has really advanced to greater heights. To think about it, it will be a total lie if we say every parent is a modern parent, or rather is aware of what is being taught in school. Everything has changed and so is education. Whatever we learnt in 1990’s is not what is being taught today. Or the system of learning we used back then cannot be compared to the one being used today. But knowing that there are media platforms such as tumblr, youtube and vimeo, parents have got nothing to worry about, since if there is something a kid has asked and you do not know how to go about it, you will find a hundreds of videos on the same on these networks. All you need is just a computer, a mobile phone, internet and any other devise that can connect and your problem is solved.   

Anyone anywhere can take advantage of these media platforms to make sure whatever they do, be it singing, counseling, and preaching, teaching etc. is known around the globe. Today if you upload a song you have recorded just at the comfort of your home, you can gain popularity faster than you ever thought of. Of course if you’ve got the voice and the lyrics in place, it’s just one button and you are done. It actually doesn’t stop there, we can actually say that by sharing and getting many vies and likes on YouTubeas possible, leads to an online money harvest. Come to think of it, it you can produce a smart joke, just a small video that can gain you many views and likes as possible you can earn money right there. Just at the comfort of your house and an effortless hustle.

Today, instead of idling around, make sure you are doing something. Just try to be creative and think. Come to and take advantage of the social media platforms we have today, find as many people as possible with so much ideas that will help you even develop one. Facebook will also be of great help, vimeo and soundcloud. This is because many people have made these platforms not only a source of entertainment but also a place share ideas and views.


When it comes to the world of business, what comes in mind of every business holder is how to ensure their success in this competitive world. Today businesses are many, and if one is not careful of the strategies they are using to reach the large market, it becomes quite tricky to stand and be established in the global markets. Many businesses collapse daily due to lack of proper marketing strategies.

Today we look at various media platforms that have been used as a tool to help grow and develop a business and take over other businesses in the global market. Unlike before, where people thought that social platforms like snapchat was just for fun where they could share instant pictures and videos just to keep the fun going, today snapchat is taking over the marketing world. What does this mean? We now have businesses that have taken advantage of various applications and are now using them to interact with their customers freely and with a lot of ease. We are no longer using snapchat, Facebook and YouTube for fun only but now for marketing. Actually it’s a pity for those who haven’t realized the benefits these media platforms has brought in marketing world. 

With many people on Facebook today, many businesses have used it to grow a strong network that they connect to Snapchatand provided a platform to interact with customers since it has made it easy for them to connect. You attract new followers’ everyday with snapchat especially when you have a successful social media network such as youtube, facebook and tumblr. One can try joining snapchat for free and share their products snaps to engage their clients. The businesswill have a significant pick which is a beautiful experience to every business owners.

Snapchat provides a most fun way to keep in touch and engage with your target market. We can say that other social media networks that are competitive today such as YouTube and Facebookare fun ways to engage with your clients.However, unlike all of them where someone must use lots of effort to take a snap and participate, snapchat makes it easier. With its simple filters which are fun, all you have to do is to share a snap and encourage your following clients to edit there images and share. This will make the outside world love to connect with you since they will realize that you are a company that loves to have fun. This way, you will get many followers and this will be an added advantage to your business.   

Snapchat will help you portray your business as real people in the outside world. All you have to do is show your followers that you are real. How? By showing them that you are more than just a company or a product. Snapchat will allow you to bring more personality to your company or even your product and this will make many people get engaged who might end up buying from you.

YouTube and Facebookwill give you an opportunity to share the insider pictures and videos of your business easily. An exclusive entry is what portrays what it’s like inside. Usingthe available networks to upload perfect pictures and videos of people walking in and out of your business, employee’s presentations and interactions gives a picture of what’s like behind the scene. This will attract more followers and hence more clients visiting to experience what they have seen on snapchat, YouTube, Facebooketc.and hence buying your products. An application like Snapchat will give your followers a peek on what goes on in your company.

People will go for products if they feel that the company or business is not somehow outdated and is keeping up with the newest treads available. The target audience is likely to appreciate businesses and companies using latest and popular trends in the market. To prove to the outside world that your company is up to date with the developing trends. Stay connectedand prove to the audience that even the products you are offering are accepted in the modern market. Platforms like Snapchat itself can tell your target audience that you are up to date.